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The Cascapedia Museum

Special thanks go to Mary Robertson who has dedicated many years to the growth and expansion of the Cascapedia River Museum. Her endless efforts and perseverance are remarkable.
The Cascapedia River Museum, located in the old Campbell Brothers general store, tells about fishing lore and local angling culture.

In Mary's own words, this is her introduction to the magnificent Museum of Cascapedia-St.Jules.

In 2005, her daughter, Erin Macwhirter, won the high school Cascapedia River writing contest.

The Cascapedia River is one of the world's most famous salmon fishing rivers.
Its history tells the story of a river, the community that surrounded it, and the rich and famous who came to enjoy the sport of salmon fishing.
In the late eighteen hundreds, it became the domain of the Governors General of Canada and the summer retreat for Queen Victoria's daughter, Princess Louise. Her time here has left us with a valuable treasure of information. Many of the great American families enjoyed fishing on the river and left part of their legacy here as well. There were also the celebrities, including presidents, prime ministers actors and artists who came to enjoy its beauty and resources.
The story of the Cascapedia is one that is rich in tradition and history. The need to preserve this history has resulted in the creation of a community museum.
The Cascapedia River Museum was officially opened in July of 2000 and has the support of the community of Cascapedia- St Jules and the anglers who come back year after year to enjoy this beautiful river. This history will be passed on to future generations, and will give our community a distinct pride in knowing who they are, and from where they came.
This heritage also reflects a world wide angling community who have a passion for the sport of Atlantic salmon fly fishing. The Museum, like the Cascapedia River, portrays an image of quality, class, history and tradition.
Throughout the Museum our unique history is brought to life. Although our collection of angling memorabilia is the envy of many collectors, it is the stories from our rich heritage that most interests our visitors.
The Museum's many services offer our guests a chance to step back in time to an era where the lure of Atlantic salmon fishing was only available to the rich and the elite.
We also emphazise the importance of conservation of the Atlantic salmon, so that this valuable resource can be preserved for future generations. The Cascapedia River Museum offers a fascinating visit not only for anglers or local history buffs, but for those who know little about either. It is a delightful discovery.

275, route 299 Cascapedia, St-Jules, Quebec G0C 1T0
Telephone: 418-392-5079

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